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SaTCORPS CERES GEO Edition 4 Meteosat-8 Southern Hemisphere Version 1.2

This dataset is comprised of cloud micro-physical and radiation properties derived hourly from Meteosat-8 geostationary satellite imager data using LaRC’s SATCORPS (SATellite ClOud and Radiation Property retrieval System) algorithms in support of the CERES project. The cloud micro-physical and radiation properties from each active geostationary satellite are merged together to create hourly global cloud properties that are used to estimate fluxes between CERES instrument measurements to account for the changing diurnal cycle. The dataset is arranged as files for each hour and in netCDF-4 format. The observations are at 3-km resolution (at nadir) and are sub-sampled to 6 km. Note: Version 1.2 covers the period when the satellite is moved to 41° E.

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