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CMS: Atmospheric CO2 and C Isotopes, Fossil Fuel Contributions, California, 2014-2015

This dataset provides measurements of atmospheric CO2 concentrations, carbon isotopes d13C and D14C, and fossil fuel CO2 (ffCO2) estimates from nine observation sites in California over three month-long campaigns in separate seasons of 2014-2015. ffCO2 was quantified based on the CO2 concentration and D14C. Simulations of ffCO2 at the sites and times of the observations were conducted with the Vulcan v2.2 fossil fuel emissions estimate for 2002 and the Weather Research and Forecasting - Stochastic Time-Inverted Lagrangian Transport (WRF-STILT) atmospheric model. The observed and simulated ffCO2 were incorporated into Bayesian inverse estimates of ffCO2 to calculate California's ffCO2 emissions during the campaign period.

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