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ABoVE: Year-round Soil CO2 Efflux in Alaskan Ecosystems

This dataset provides soil surface CO2 efflux derived from measurements of soil respiration using forced diffusion (FD) chambers. Measurement systems were established at seven selected sites within diverse ecosystems along a S-N transect from near Fairbanks in interior Alaska to Toolik Lake in northern Alaska. The soil respiration forced diffusion (FD) chambers are fully automated, low-powered systems that measured soil surface CO2 efflux and ambient atmospheric CO2 concentrations using an eosGP CO2 gas analyzer and pumping system. Flux was calculated using the two CO2 values and a chamber-specific precalibrated constant. Three FD chambers were deployed at each site. The data files include the average of the CO2 efflux of the three chambers, averages, and the standard error. Data have been collected since August 2016 and sampling is continuing at active sites. New data will be added as they become available.

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