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CLAMS_MODIS_L2_AEROSOL_PRODUCTS data were collected during the Chesapeake Lighthouse and Aircraft Measurements for Satellites (CLAMS) experiment.The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) aerosol data products give the ambient aerosol optical thickness over the oceans and over a portion of the continents. The aerosol size distribution is derived over the oceans, and the aerosol type is derived over the continents. Daily Level 2 data were produced at the spatial resolution of a 10??10 1-km (at nadir)-pixel array. The MODIS_CLAMS_L2_AEROSOL_PRODUCTS cover the time period from July 10, 2001 (Julian day 191) to August 2, 2001 (Julian day 214) over the spatial region nomally from -106 degree longitude to -42 degree longitude and from 57 degree N latitude to 18 degree N latitude.The MODIS instrument provides high radiometric sensitivity (12 bit) in 36 spectral bands ranging in wavelength from 0.4 ??m to 14.4 ??m. Two bands are imaged at a nominal resolution of 250 m at nadir, with five bands at 500 m and the remaining 29 bands at 1,000 m. A ??55-degree scanning pattern at the EOS orbit of 705 km achieves a 2,330-km swath and provides global coverage approximately every two days.

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