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GPM DPR Precipitation Profile 1 Day 0.25 degree x 0.25 degree V06 (GPM_3DPRD) at GES DISC

Version 06 is the current version of the data set. Older versions will no longer be available and have been superseded by Version 06. . The precipitation estimates in the 3DPRD product are a subset of those in the full daily 3DPR product; the retrieval estimates are the same. Since this is a subset, the product is smaller, and Level 3 DPR products present the user with summary information over daily and monthly time periods. These gridded products are in a convenient gridded form and can be used easily in comparisons with other satellite and ground data. The Level 3 DPR joint algorithm subsets precipitation estimates from the Level 3 daily products. In addition, it adds time information from Level 2 instantaneous data to give a date/time for the last measurement in each grid box. The product contains one 0.25 x 25 km grid with separate indices for the ascending and descending parts of the GPM orbit.

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