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ACT-America: L2 Remotely Sensed Column-average CO2 by Airborne Lidar, Eastern USA

This dataset provides remotely sensed column-average carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations measured during airborne campaigns conducted for the Atmospheric Carbon and Transport (ACT-America) project. ACT-America's mission spans five years and includes field campaigns covering all four seasons and regions of the eastern United States. Column-average CO2 concentrations were measured at 0.1 second frequency during flights of the C-130H aircraft at altitudes up to 8 km with a Multi-functional Fiber Laser Lidar (MFLL; Harris Corporation). The MFLL is a set of Continuous-Wave (CW) lidar instruments consisting of an intensity modulated multi-frequency single-beam synchronous-detection Laser Absorption Spectrometer (LAS) operating at 1571 nm for measuring the column amount of CO2 number density and range between the aircraft and the surface or to cloud tops, and surface reflectance and a Pseudo-random Noise (PN) altimeter at 1596 nm for measuring the path length from the aircraft to the scattering surface and/or cloud tops. Complete aircraft flight information including, but not limited to, latitude, longitude, altitude, and attitude are also provided.

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