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GPM ATMS on NOAA-20 Common Calibrated Brightness Temperatures L1C 1.5 hours 17 km V05 (GPM_1CNOAA20ATMS) at GES DISC

Version 5 is the current version of the data set. Version 4 is no longer available and has been superseded by Version 5. 1CATMS contains common calibrated brightness temperature from the ATMS passive microwave instrument flown on the Suomi NPP satellite and JPSS satellites. ATMS is approximatly a combination of the AMSU-A channels and the MHS channels, to the total of 22 channels. ATMS rotates 3 scans per 8 seconds. 1CATMS contains 4 swaths, one for each band K, A(Ka), W, and G.

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