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SnowEx17 CRREL Differential GNSS Survey V001

This data set contains the coordinates of SnowEx infrastructure in Grand Mesa, Colorado, collected through a differential GNSS real-time kinematic (RTK) survey. The surveys were conducted at 244 stakes along 90 transects, 31 snow pits, 24 time-lapse cameras, and 15 reference poles used to estimate snow depth from camera images. Data files report the name, location, elevation, horizontal and vertical precision, date and time, original easting and northing, and any relevant notes for each survey point. Readings were collected using a Trimble R8 GNSS base station and two rovers: a Trimble R8 (Hiemstra) and a Trimble R10 (Gelvin). Both rovers were deployed within approximately 6km of the base station and equipped with a GNSS antennae and a base-station radio antennae from which to receive corrections.

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