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TES/Aura L3 Deuterium Oxide Monthly Gridded V005

TL3HDOM_5 is the Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer (TES)/Aura L3 Deuterium Oxide Monthly Gridded Version 5 data product. TES was an instrument aboard NASA's Aura satellite and was launched from California on July 15, 2004. Data collection for TES is complete. This product consisted of daily atmospheric temperature and volume mixing ratio (VMR) for the atmospheric species, which were provided at 2 degree latitude by 4 degree longitude spatial grids and at a subset of TES standard pressure levels. The TES Science Data Processing L3 subsystem interpolated the L2 atmospheric profiles collected in a Global Survey onto a global grid uniform in latitude and longitude to provide a 3-D representation of the distribution of atmospheric gasses. Daily and monthly averages of L2 profiles and browse images are available. The L3 standard data products were composed of L3 HDF-EOS grid data. A separate product file was produced for each different atmospheric species. TES obtained data in two basic observation modes: Limb or Nadir. The product file may have contained, in separate folders, limb data, nadir data, or both folders may have been present. Specific to L3 processing were the terms Daily and Monthly, which represented the approximate time coverage of the L3 products. However, the input data granules to the L3 process were completed Global Surveys; in other words a Global Survey were not split in relation to time when input to the L3 processes even if they exceed the usual understood meanings of a day or month. More specifically, Daily L3 products represented a single Global Survey (approximately 26 hours) and Monthly L3 products represented Global Surveys that were initiated within that calendar month. The data granules defined for L3 standard products were daily and monthly. Details of the format of this product can be found in the TES Data Products Specifications (DPS).

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