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GPM PR on TRMM Reflectivity, Precipitation Statistics, Histograms, at Surface and Fixed Heights, Descending, 1 day 5x5 and 0.25x0.25 degree V06 (GPM_3PR_DES) at GES DISC

This a new (GPM-formated) TRMM product. There is no equivalent in the old TRMM suite of products. Version 06 is the current version of the data set. Older versions will no longer be available and have been superseded by Version 06. This product consists of Descending daily statistics of the PR measurements at both a low (5 degrees x 5 degrees) and a high (0.25 degrees x 0.25 degrees) horizontal resolution. The low resolution grids are in the Planetary Grid 1 structure and include 1) mean and standard deviation of the rain rate, reflectivity, path-integrated attenuation (PIA), storm height, Xi, bright band height and the NUBF (Non-Uniform Beam Filling) correction; 2) rain fractions; 3) histograms of the storm height, bright-band height, snow-ice layer, reflectivity, rain rate, path-attenuation and NUBF correction; 4) correlation coefficients. The high resolution grids are in the Planetary Grid 2 structure and contain mean rain rate along with standard deviation and rain fractions. The grids are in the Planetary Grid 2 structure matching the Dual-frequency PR on the core GPM observatory that covers 67S to 67N degrees of latitudes. The low resolution 5x5 deg grid covers 70S to 70N. Areas beyond the ±40 degrees of latitudes are padded with empty grid cells.

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