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Lidar Atmospheric Sensing Experiment (LASE) Data Obtained During the Convection And Moisture Experiment (CAMEX-3)

LASE_CAMEX3 data are Lidar Atmospheric Sensing Experiment water vapor and aerosol data measurements taken during the 3rd Convection and Moisture Experiment (CAMEX3).LASE (Lidar Atmospheric Sensing Experiment) is an airborne autonomous DIAL system developed to measure water vapor and aerosol profiles. The Convection And Moisture EXperiment (CAMEX-3) campaign was based at Patrick Air Force Base, Florida from 6 August - 23 September, 1998. CAMEX-3 successfully studied Hurricanes Bonnie, Danielle, Earl and Georges. CAMEX-3 collected data for research in tropical cyclone development, tracking, intensification, and landfalling impacts using NASA-funded aircraft and surface remote sensing instrumentation.The CAMEX-3 study yields high spatial and temporal information of hurricane structure, dynamics, and motion. The LASE instrument's purpose in this experiment is to characterize the hurricane environment using water vapor and aerosol measurements for use as input to models and assimilation schemes and to fill in sonde data voids.

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