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AfriSAR: Rainforest Canopy Height Derived from PolInSAR and Lidar Data, Gabon

This dataset provides estimates of forest canopy height and canopy height uncertainty for study areas in the Pongara National Park and the Lope National Park, Gabon. Two canopy height products are included: 1) Canopy height was derived from multi-baseline Polarimetric Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (PolInSAR) data using an inversion of the random volume over ground (RVoG) model and Kapok, an open source Python library. 2) Canopy height was derived from a fusion of PolInSAR and Land, Vegetation, and Ice Sensor (LVIS) Lidar data. This dataset also includes various intermediate parameters of the PolInSAR data (including radar backscatter, coherence, and viewing and terrain geometry) which provide additional insight into the input data used to invert the RVoG model and accuracy of the canopy height estimates. The AfriSAR campaign was flown from 2016-02-27 to 2016-03-08. AfriSAR data were collected by NASA, in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Gabonese Space Agency.

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