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SMOS Level 1C Browse Full Polarisation Land/Sea

The Level 1C product contains multi-angular brightness temperatures in antenna frame (X-pol, Y-pol, T3 and T4) at the top of the atmosphere, geo-located in an equal-area grid system (ISEA 4H9 - Icosahedral Snyder Equal Area projection). For each Level 1C product there is also a browse product containing brightness temperatures interpolated for an incidence angle of 42.5�. Two L1C browse products are available: Land (MIR_BWLF1C) for soil moisture retrieval and Sea (MIR_BWSF1C) for salinity retrieval. The pixels are consolidated in a pole-to-pole product file (50 minutes of sensing time), with a maximum size of about 10MB (for land and sea together) per half orbit (29 half orbits per day). Spatial resolution is in the range of 30-50 km.

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