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Global Man-made Impervious Surface (GMIS) Dataset From Landsat

The Global Man-made Impervious Surface (GMIS) Dataset From Landsat consists of global estimates of fractional impervious cover derived from the Global Land Survey (GLS) Landsat dataset for the target year 2010. The GMIS dataset consists of two components: 1) global percent of impervious cover; and 2) per-pixel associated uncertainty for the global impervious cover. These layers are co-registered to the same spatial extent at a common 30m spatial resolution. The spatial extent covers the entire globe except Antarctica and some small islands. This dataset is one of the first global, 30m datasets of man-made impervious cover to be derived from the GLS data for 2010 and is a companion dataset to the Global Human Built-up And Settlement Extent (HBASE) dataset. The dataset is expected to have a rather broad spectrum of users, from those wishing to examine/study the fine details of urban land cover over the globe at full 30m resolution to global modelers trying to understand the climate/environmental impacts of man-made surfaces at continental to global scales. For example, the data are applicable to local modeling studies of urban impacts on the energy, water, and carbon cycles, as well as analyses at the individual country level.

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