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CARVE: Ecosystem Scale CH4 Emission Derived from Aircraft Observations 2012-2014

This dataset provides methane flux estimates derived from airborne measurements collected over Alaska and the western Yukon Territory during the Carbon in Arctic Reservoirs Vulnerability Experiment (CARVE) between 2012 and 2014. The state-scale methane fluxes were calculated using a combination of atmospheric profiles and lagrangian transport modeling. The methane flux estimates were used in a simple linear regression model to estimate the fluxes from the tundra and boreal ecosystems. Methane fluxes were also used with a combination of environmental variables to derive a statistical relationship between domain-wide flux and soil temperature. Soil temperature products from North American Regional Reanalysis and derived parameters from a Boltmann-Arrhenius model were used to model methane flux and related uncertainties within the domain at monthly and daily frequencies.

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