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MODIS-derived Vegetation and Albedo Parameters for Agroecosystem-Climate Modeling

This dataset provides MODIS-derived leaf area index (LAI), stem area index (SAI), vegetation area fraction, dominant landcover category, and albedo parameters for the continental US (CONUS), parts of southern Canada, and Mexico at 30 km resolution. The data cover the period 2003-2010 and were developed to be used as surface input data for regional agroecosystem-climate models. MODIS Collection 5 products used to derive these parameters included the Terra yearly water mask, vegetation continuous field products, the combined Terra and Aqua yearly land-cover category (LCC) (MCD12Q1), 8-day composites for LAI (MCD15A2), and albedo parameter (MCD43B1) products. Please note that the MODIS Version 5 land data products used in this dataset have been superseded by Version 6 data products.

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