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TES/Aura L1B Spectra Limb V005

TL1BL_5 is the Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer (TES)/Aura L1B Spectra Limb Version 5 data product. TES Level 1B Spectra data contaisn radiometric calibrated spectral radiances and their corresponding noise equivalent spectral radiances (NESR). The geolocation, quality and some engineering data were also provided with this data product. TES was an instrument aboard NASA's Aura satellite and was launched from California on July 15, 2004. Data collection for TES is complete. Each L1B data file contained data from a single TES orbit starting from the South Pole Apex. A Nadir sequence within the TES Global Survey was two low resolution scans over the same ground locations, thus pointing directly to the surface of the earth. The Nadir standard product consisted of four files, where each file is composed of the Global Survey Nadir observations from one of four focal planes for a single orbit, i.e. 72 orbit sequences. The Global Survey Nadir observations only used a single set of filter mix. The Global Survey Limb observations, however, used a repeating sequence of filter wheel positions and were pointed at various off-nadir angles into the atmosphere. Special Observations were only scheduled during the 9 or 10 orbit gaps in the Global Surveys and were conducted in any of three basic modes: stare, transect, step-and-stare. The mode used depends on the science requirement.

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