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AirMSPI version 1 cloud droplet size and cloud optical depth product acquired during the ORACLES flight campaign Jul-Oct 2016.

AirMSPI_ORACLES_Cloud_Droplet_Size_and_Cloud_Optical_Depth data contain AirMSPI ellipsoid-projected georegistered cloud droplet size and cloud optical depth parameters acquired during the NASA ObseRvations of Aerosols above CLouds and their intEractionS (ORACLES) flight campaign. The AirMSPI Level 2 Cloud Droplet Size and Cloud Optical Depth Data Product contains a droplet size distribution (DSD), parameterized by an effective radius (reff) and effective variance (veff) of a gamma size distribution, as well as a spatially resolved cloud optical depth (COD) at 470, 660 and 865 nm. These L2 products are derived from L1B2 radiometric and polarimetric data taken in the instrument's continuous sweep mode with 25 m spatial sampling. Along with the L2 products, their retrieval uncertainties are reported, as propagated from the relevant uncertainties in instrument radiometry and polarimetry. Files are distributed in NetCDF4 format. This release of AirMPSI L2 data contains targets over ocean acquired in sweep mode during the ORACLES flight campaign, including the check-out and transit flights. ORACLES was based out of Walvis Bay, Namibia and focused on the South Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Namibia and Angola. AirMSPI L2 data were acquired from August 3 to September 29, 2016. More details about the ORACLES campaign and AirMSPI participation can be found at (link is external).

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