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MODIS/Aqua Atmosphere BELMANIP Subsetting Product

The MODIS/Aqua Atmosphere BELMANIP subsetting Product (MYDBMSS) consists of MODIS Atmosphere and Ancillary Products subsets that are generated over the Bench-mark Land Multisite Analysis and Intercomparison of Products (BELMANIP) sites. The BELMANIP sites is a network of sites, distributed globally and consist of existing networks such as EOS Core Sites, Bigfoot, VALERI, FLUXNET, AERONET, and a set of additional sites.The process of generating cutouts for these sites involves locating and identifying a subset of sites taken from global BELMANIP sites that are within the spatial coverage of a 5 minute Level 2 MODIS granule and extracting 0.5 x 0.5 degree cutouts. The MYDBMSS data set consists of subsets for approximaely 445 sites around the globe. There is one file per site with 55 Science Data Sets.

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