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MODIS/Terra Atmosphere BELMANIP Subsetting Product

The MODIS/Terra Atmosphere BELMANIP subsetting Product (MODBMSS) consists of MODIS Atmosphere and Ancillary Products subsets that are generated over the Bench-mark Land Multisite Analysis and Intercomparison of Products (BELMANIP) sites. The BELMANIP sites is a network of sites, distributed globally and consist of existing networks such as Earth Observing System (EOS) Core Sites, Bigfoot, Validation of Land European Remote sensing Instruments (VALERI), a global network of micrometeorological flux measurement (FLUXNET), the aerosol robotic network (AERONET) and a set of additional sites.The process of generating cutouts for these sites involves locating and identifying a subset of sites taken from global BELMANIP sites that are within the spatial coverage of a 5 minute Level 2 MODIS granule and extracting 0.5 x 0.5 degree cutouts. The MODBMSS data set consists of subsets for approximately 445 sites around the globe. There is one file per site with 55 Science Data Sets (SDS) such as at-aperture radiances for 36 discrete MODIS bands, Cloud Mask, and Water Vapor, etc.

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