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MODIS/Aqua Aerosol 5-Min L2 Swath 3km

The new Collection 6.1 (C61) MODIS/Aqua Aerosol 5 Min L2 Swath 3km (MYD04_3K) product is an improved version based on algorithm changes in Dark Target (DT) Aerosol retrieval over urban areas and uncertainty estimates for Deep Blue (DB) Aerosol retrievals. The MODIS level-2 atmospheric aerosol product provides retrieved ambient aerosol optical properties, quality assurance, and other parameters, globally over ocean and land. In Collection 5, and earlier collections, there was only one aerosol product (MYD04_L2) at 10km (at nadir) spatial resolution. Starting from C6, the Dark Target (DT) Aerosol algorithm team provided a new 3 km spatial resolution product (MYD04_3k) intended for the air quality community. The MYD04_3K product is based on the same algorithm and Look up Tables as the standard Dark Target aerosol product. Because of finer resolution, subtle differences are made in selecting pixels for retrieval and in determining QA. The only differences between the existing 10km algorithm and the new 3km algorithm are: 1) the size of the pixel-arrays defining each retrieval box ( 6x6 retrieval boxes of 36 pixels at 0.5km resolution for 3km algorithm as oppose to 20x20 retrieval boxes of 400 pixels at 0.5km resolution for 10km product); 2) the minimum percentage of "good" pixels required for a retrieval (a minimum of 5 pixels over ocean and 6 pixels over land instead of a minimum of 10 pixels over ocean or 12 pixels over land for 10km product retrieval); 3) the 10km algorithm attempts a "poor quality" retrieval while 3km algorithm does not. Everything else is the same between two products. For more information on C6.1 changes and updates, visit the MODIS Atmosphere website at:

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