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Sentinel-5P TROPOMI Total Ozone Column 1-Orbit L2 7km x 3.5km V1 (S5P_L2__O3_TOT) at GES DISC

The Sentinel-5 Precursor (Sentinel-5P or S5P) satellite mission is one of the European Space Agency's (ESA) new mission family - Sentinels, and it is a joint initiative between the Kingdom of Netherlands and the ESA. The sole payload on Sentinel-5P is the TROPspheric Monitoring Instrument (TROPOMI), which is a nadir-viewing 108 degree Field-of-View push-broom grating hyperspectral spectrometer, covering the wavelength of ultraviolet-visible (UV-VIS, 270nm to 495nm), near infrared (NIR, 675nm to 775nm), and shortwave infrared (SWIR, 2305nm-2385nm). Sentinel-5P is the first of the Atmospheric Composition Sentinels and is expected to provide measurements of ozone, NO2, SO2, CH4, CO, formaldehyde, aerosols and cloud at high spatial, temporal and spectral resolutions. This total column ozone product (S5P_L2__O3_TOT, aka ESA's S5P_L2__O3____) applies the the Direct-fitting algorithm (S5P_TO3_GODFIT), comprising a non-linear least squares inversion by comparing the simulated and measured backscattered radiances. The main products include total vertical column ozone, ozone effective temperature, and the error information in NetCDF-4 format.

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