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CAR ARMCAS Arctic Cloud Radiation Measurements L1 V1 (CAR_ARMCAS_L1C) at GES DISC

The Arctic Radiation Measurement in Column Atmosphere-surface System (ARMCAS) was a collaborative research effort between the Cloud and Aerosol Research (CAR) Group, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington (led by Professor Peter V. Hobbs) and Drs. Michael King and Si-Chee Tsay of NASA/Goddard. The field portion of ARMCAS was based out of Deadhorse, Alaska, from June 3-15, 1995. Flights of the University of Washington's Convair C-131A research aircraft and NASA's ER-2 aircraft took place over the tundra of the North Slope and over the partially ice-covered Beaufort Sea. Several of these flights were closely coordinated in order to provide simultaneous in situ and remote sensing measurements of arctic clouds.

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