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Global Food Security-support Analysis Data (GFSAD) Cropland Extent-Product 2015 Validation 30 m V001

The NASA Making Earth System Data Records for Use in Research Environments (MEaSUREs) ( Global Food Security-support Analysis Data (GFSAD) data product provides cropland extent data of the globe for nominal year 2015 at 30 meter resolution. The monitoring of global cropland extent is critical for policymaking and provides important baseline data that are used in many agricultural cropland studies pertaining to water sustainability and food security. The GFSAD30 Validation (GFSAD30VAL) data product provides a thorough and independent accuracy assessment and validation of the cropland extent products produced for each of the seven regions. The accuracy assessment and validation process utilizes a cluster of 3 by 3 pixels of 30 meter data to resample the product to 90 meter resolution. Each GFSAD30VAL shapefile contains information on sample locations, presence of cropland or no cropland, and the zones that were randomly selected for accuracy assessment across the globe.

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