OMI/Aura Ozone (O3) Total Column Daily L3 Global 0.25deg Lat/Lon Grid NRT

Version 003 NRT
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    The OMI science team produces this Level-3 Aura/OMI Global TOMS-Like Total Column Ozone gridded product OMTO3e (0.25deg Lat/Lon grids). The OMTO3e product selects the best pixel (shortest path length) data from the good quality filtered level-2 total column ozone data (OMTO3) that fall in the 0.25 x 0.25 degree global grids. Each file contains total column ozone, radiative cloud fraction and solar and viewing zenith angles. OMTO3e files are stored in EOS Hierarchical Data Format (HDF-EOS5). Each file contains daily data from approximately 15 orbits. The maximum file size for the OMTO3e data product is about 2.8 Mbytes. (The shortname for this Level-3 TOMS-Like Total Column Ozone gridded product is OMTO3e) .

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