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THIR/Nimbus-7 Level 1 Cloud Data for SBUV/TOMS V001 (THIRN7L1BCLT) at GES DISC

THIRN7L1BCLT is the Nimbus-7 Temperature-Humidity Infrared Radiometer (THIR) Level 1 Cloud Data for SBUV/TOMS (BCLT) product and contains total cloud amounts; radiances at three cloud altitudes: low (below 2km), middle (2 to 7 km depending on latitude), and height (above the middle cloud layer); cirrus and deep convective clouds; and mean and RMS deviations of cloud and surface radiances. Data are averaged orbit by orbit onto each of the Nimbus 7 TOMS IFOV, which vary from 50 km to 50 km at nadir to 200 km x 200 km at the edges, as well as SBUV 180 km x 180 km IFOVs. The BCLT product includes improved cloud estimation compared to the earlier CLT product. Each file contains one day of data (~14 orbits per day). Spatial coverage is global. The data are available from October 31, 1978 (day of year 304) through October 27, 1984 (day of year 301). This product was previously available from the NSSDC with the identifier ESAD-00196 (old ID 78-098A-10E)

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