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OMPS-NPP L2 NP Ozone (O3) Vertical Profile swath orbital

The OMPS-NPP L2 NP Ozone (O3) Total Column swath orbital product provides ozone profile retrievals from the Ozone Mapping and Profiling Suite (OMPS) Nadir-Profiler (NP) instrument on the Suomi-NPP satellite. The V8 ozone profile algorithm relies on nadir profiler measurements made in the 250 to 310 nm range, as well as from measurements from the nadir mapper in the 300 to 380 nm range. Ozone mixing ratios are reported at 15 pressure levels between 50 and 0.5 hPa. Additionally, this data product contains measurements of total ozone, UV aerosol index and reflectivities at 331 and 380 nm. Each granule contains data from the daylight portion of each orbit measured for a full day. Spatial coverage is global (-82 to +82 degrees latitude), and there are about 14.5 orbits per day, each has typically 80 profiles. The NP footprint size is 250 km x 250 km. The files are written using the Hierarchical Data Format Version 5 or HDF5.

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