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VIIRS/NPP Imagery Resolution Terrain-Corrected Geolocation L1 6-Min Swath 375m NRT


The VNP03IMG, a Near Real Time (NRT) product, includes the geolocation fields that are calculated for each VIIRS imagery resolution band (I-band) Line of sight (LOS) for all orbits at the nominal resolution of 375 m. The locations and ancillary information correspond to the intersection of the centers of each Field of View (FOV) from 32 detectors in an ideal I-band on the Earth's surface. A digital terrain model is used to model the Earth's surface. The main inputs are the spacecraft attitude and orbit ephemeris data, the instrument telemetry and the digital elevation model. The geolocation fields contained within the VNP03IMG Geolocation files include geodetic latitude, longitude, surface height above the geoid, solar zenith and azimuth angles, satellite zenith and azimuth angles, and a land/water mask for each 375m sample. Additional information is included in the header to enable the calculation of the approximate location of the center of the detectors for any of the VIIRS bands. This product is used as input by a large number of subsequent VIIRS Imagery Resolution products, particularly those produced by the Land team. file_naming_convention = AYYYYDDD = Acquisition Year and Day of Year HHMM = Hour and minute of acquisition CCC = Collection number nc = NetCDF5

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