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OMPS-NPP L2 LP Ozone (O3) Vertical Profile swath daily 3slit V2.5 (OMPS_NPP_LP_L2_O3_DAILY) at GES DISC

The OMPS-NPP L2 LP Ozone (O3) Vertical Profile swath daily 3slit collection contains ozone measured by the Ozone Mapping and Profiling Suite (OMPS) Limb-Profiler (LP) sensor on the Suomi-NPP satellite. The LP ozone product measures the vertical distribution of ozone in the stratosphere and lower mesosphere. The algorithm derives ozone profile values along with errors in the UV from 29.5 km and 52.5 km, and in the visible from cloud top to 37.5 km (when there are no clouds the lower limit is 12.5 km). Each granule contains data from the daylight portion of each orbit measured for a full day. Spatial coverage is global (-90 to 90 degrees latitude), and there are about 14.5 orbits per day, the data from the center of the LP three slits are used to make a vertical profile. The profile is measured from the ground up to about 60 km with a vertical resolution of the retrieved profiles of approximately 1.8 km. The data are written using the Hierarchical Data Format Version 5 or HDF5.

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