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Newall Glacier Snow Pit and Ice Core, 1987 to 1989

Snow pit and ice core data from the Newall Glacier (location - 162 30' East, 77 35' South) were collected during 1987 and 1988. These include information on chemistry, Beta profiles and stratigraphy. Ice cores were collected during the austral summer of 1988-1989 and contain information on chemistry, Pb- 210 profiles, density profiles and temperature profiles. Core A was 175 meters long and core B was 150 meters long. The snow pits were dug and sampled by the Glacier Research Group (GRG), using established protocols to prevent contamination. The samples for major ion chemistry remained frozen until melted for analysis in the GRG lab, located at the University of New Hampshire (UNH), and all core processing was done by GRG established protocols to prevent contamination. Major ions were analyzed using suppressed ion chromatography.

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