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NASA Ocean Biogeochemical Model assimilating satellite chlorophyll data global daily VR2017 (NOBM_DAY) at GES DISC

This is the assimilated daily data from NASA Ocean Biogeochemical Model (NOBM). The NOBM is a comprehensive, interactive ocean biogeochemical model coupled with a circulation and radiative model in the global oceans (Gregg and Casey, 2007). It spans the domain from -84 to 72 degree latitude in increments of 1.25 degree longitude by 2/3 degree latitude, including only open ocean areas where bottom depth > 200m. NOBM contains 4 phytoplankton groups, 4 nutrient groups, a single herbivore group, and 3 detrital pools, and the major ocean carbon components, dissolved organic and inorganic carbon (DOC and DIC).

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