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Combined ASTER and MODIS Emissivity database over Land (CAMEL) Emissivity Monthly Global 0.05Deg V001

The NASA Making Earth System Data Records for Use in Research Environments (MEaSUREs) ( Combined ASTER and MODIS Emissivity for Land (CAMEL) dataset provides monthly emissivity at 0.05 degree (~5 kilometer) resolution (CAM5K30EM). The CAM5K30EM data product was created by combining the University of Wisconsin-Madison MODIS Infrared Emissivity dataset (UWIREMIS) and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory ASTER Global Emissivity Dataset Version 4 (GED V4). The two datasets have been integrated to capitalize on the unique strengths of each product's characteristics. The integration steps include: adjustment of ASTER GED Version 3 emissivities for vegetation and snow cover variations to produce ASTER GED Version 4, aggregation of ASTER GED Version 4 emissivities from 100 meter resolution to the University of Wisconsin-Madison MODIS Baseline Fit (UWBF) 5 kilometer resolution, merging of the 5 ASTER spectral emissivities with the UWBF emissivity to create CAMEL at 13 hinge points, and extension of the 13 hinge points to high spectral resolution (HSR) utilizing the Principal Component (PC) regression method. Additional details regarding the methodology are available in the User Guide and Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD) ( Provided in the CAM5K30EM product are layers for the CAMEL emissivity, ASTER Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), snow fraction derived from MODIS (MOD10), latitude, longitude, CAMEL quality, ASTER quality, and Best Fit Emissivity (BFE) quality information.

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