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Global Land Ice Velocity Extraction from Landsat 8 (GoLIVE), Version 1

This data set is a compilation of ice velocity mappings generated from pairs of Landsat 8 panchromatic images acquired from May 2013 to present covering all terrestrial permanent ice within the latitude range 82°S to 82°N that is larger than 5 km2 in area. The data are updated monthly with new images acquired by Landsat 8 that are then paired with older images acquired within 400 days of the new acquisition for the Antarctic ice sheet, 112 days for the Greenland ice sheet, and 96 days for all other glacierized areas. The data are generated by an image correlation algorithm that produces grids of ice displacement referenced to in-image rock outcrops, slow moving ice, or if lacking that, using the satellite's geo-positioning (accurate to +/- 5 m). Velocity vector grids are generated at a sample spacing of 300 m from small sub-images that are either 300 m or 600 m on a side, depending on the region. For example, ice sheet areas are mapped with 600 m x 600 m sub-images, and mountain glaciers are mapped with 300 m x 300 m sub-images. Accuracy of the velocity data varies depending on the time separation between the images, ranging between ~1 m/d per day to 0.02 m/d per day.

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