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Histories of Accumulation, Thickness, and WAIS Divide Location, Antarctica, Version 1

This data set contains radar internal layer and ice sheet topography data for two sites in Antarctica, along with associated model results from two studies. This project used geophysical inverse theory and a 2.5 D flowband ice-flow forward model to extract robust transient accumulation patterns from multiple deeper layers. Histories of divide migration, or the movement of the ice sheet and ice-surface evolution are also provided. The data used to solve the inverse problem, and the model solutions are provided. Internal layers, modern ice-surface velocities, and modern ice-sheet geometry at Taylor Mouth are available, as well as the pattern of accumulation inferred by Waddington et al. (2007). Data are available via FTP in Matlab (.mat) format. Supporting information is available as text files (.rtf and .txt).

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