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Collaborative Research: Snow Accumulation and Snow Melt in a Mixed Northern Hardwood-Conifer Forest, Version 1

This data set contains snow depth, Snow Water Equivalent (SWE), and forest cover characteristics for sites at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest in northern New Hampshire. Measurements were made at 26 sampling sites on 4 March and 1 April 2009.The data were collected as part of a collaborative research project on isotopic exchange in snow. The project aims to develop a quantitative understanding of the processes active in isotopic exchange between snow/firn and water vapor, which is important to Antarctic ice core interpretation. Data are in Microsoft Excel (.xls) format. The data set also includes maps showing site locations in Joint Photography Experts Group (.jpg) format. Access to this data set is currently restricted by the principle investigator. Please contact <a href="/forms/contact.html">NSIDC User Services</a> for more information.

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