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Digital Images of Thin Sections from Siple Dome, Version 1

This data set is part of the WAISCORES project, an NSF-funded project to understand the influence of the West Antarctic ice sheet on climate and sea level change. WAISCORES researchers acquired and analyzed ice cores from the Siple Dome, in the Siple Coast region, West Antarctica. This data set comprises low-resolution (72 dpi) jpg images of thin sections from the Siple Dome ice core. The images were acquired during the 1997/1998 field season, from both the SDM-A, or main 13.2-cm, core and from the hot water core recovered by Hermann Englehardt. The data set includes both vertical and horizontal thin sections. With one exception, all images were recorded in cross-polarized light. Two examples of archived high-resolution (275 dpi) images are provided for direct comparison of the low- and high-resolution images.

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