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Geocryology and Geocryological Zonation of Mongolia, Version 1

The map of Geocryology and Geocryological Zonation of Mongolia was derived from the National Atlas of Mongolia (Sodnom and Yanshin, 1990). The data set depicts the distribution and general properties of permafrost and seasonally frozen ground and locations of specific cryogenic phenomena in Mongolia. Two plates were digitized. One plate, at a scale of 1:12,000,000, depicts four general geocryological zones: continuous and discontinuous permafrost, insular and sparsely insular permafrost, sporadic permafrost, and seasonally frozen ground. The second plate, at a scale of 1:4,500,000, depicts 14 different terrain classifications determined according to elevation, mean annual air temperature, permafrost thickness and thaw depth, and seasonal frozen ground freeze depth. The locations of six specific cryogenic phenomena are also included: perennial frost mounds, icings, thermokarst, cryogenic landslides, solifluction, and cryogenic planation. Data are available via FTP as ESRI shapefiles.

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