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Schefferville Permafrost Temperature Database, Version 1

This data set consists of ground temperature data from 192 boreholes in the area of Schefferville, Quebec (54°48'N, 66°50'W), located within the discontinuous permafrost zone. Temperature cables were installed at the Barney, Fleming, Knox mine, Timmins, Ferriman, Howse, Lance, Pinx, Red and Star ore deposits. Borehole depths ranged from 4 to 137 m, with the majority of boreholes being between 25 and 125 m deep. Data are provided for the period between 1957 to 1982. The length of record varies from only one temperature record to records greater than 10 years in length, with the longest record being 16 years long. The data are provided in both an MS Access database and tab-delimited ASCII formats. The database consists of two tables: one which contains information for individual boreholes, such as location and length of record, and a second table that contains the ground temperature data for all boreholes. The two tables are linked by a unique borehole site number. Data are available via ftp..

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