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Catalog of boreholes from Russia and Mongolia, Version 1

This catalog of boreholes from across Russia and Mongolia includes those published in papers and monographs as well as other literature of limited circulation. The 122 boreholes were used to derive a characterization of the Russian territory according to eight geocryological regions. Five boreholes are included for Mongolia. Data from these boreholes were used in the generation of the Circum-arctic Map of Permafrost and Ground-Ice Conditions (Brown et al., 1997). Data obtained from various sources as noted within each borehole entry. The time period varies for each borehole, but is primarily from the late 1980s to early 1990s. Observation methods include 'Standard logging', a combined natural gamma logging, electric logging and well caliper logging; 'Geothermal observations' which demonstrate the thickness of layer with the temperature below zero (data of Yakutsk Permafrost Institute, Siberian Branch, Academy of Sciences of the USSR); visual observations on ice-content in the core, and depth of appearance of fresh water table; thermologging of the boreholes (studies of 'PGO Yakutskgeologia'); and electric, well caliper and thermal logging in pioneer and exploratory oil and gas wells ('PGO Lenaneftegasgeologia' studies). The permafrost base is exposed by a number of adjacent boreholes; interval of fluctuations of permafrost depth is shown. The data are presented on the CAPS Version 1.0 CD-ROM, June 1998.

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