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Rock glacier inventory, Hautes Alpes Calcaires, Switzerland, Version 1

The Hautes Alpes Calcaires is a limestone range in the northern part of the Rhone Valley (Switzerland). It is characterized by a transitional climate between the wet Prealpes (precipitations = 1500 mm per year at 1000 m asl) and the central part of Valais (750 mm per year at 1000 m asl) and a contrasted morphology, with high limestone cliffs alternating with schists. For each rock glacier a file exists with different characteristics such as orientation, width, length, elevation of the spring and the front, type of form, type of material, activity, lithology, etc. Measurements of spring temperatures and BTS (Bottom temperature under snow cover) exist for some rock glaciers, especially for the Cabane des Diablerets Rock Glacier, on which several temperature measurements (under the snow cover (BTS) and in the soil (mini-loggers)) and snow profiles have been carried out. A modelled map of the permafrost distribution has also been prepared for this sector (see map). The inventory is not complete. Data provided on the CAPS Version 1.0 CD-ROM, June 1998, are for Morcles and Chavalard Range, Diablerets Range, Wildhorn Range. Data collected during 1992 and 1997.

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