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Rock glaciers, Fletschhorn Area, Valais, Switzerland, Version 1

This data set contains a total amount of 74 rock glaciers which were investigated in the Fletschhorn Area in the southern Swiss Alps during the summer of 1995. The thorough investigation included analysis of infrared air photographs; mapping of the rock glaciers; measurement of their aspect, slope and size; measurements of the water temperature of sources in the vicinity or at the snout of the rock glaciers; and analysis of the vegetation cover on the rock glaciers (species, coverage). The analysis of the above mentioned parameters revealed that 32 of the investigated rock glaciers are active, 21 show signs of inactivity (either due to decreasing ice content or due to dynamic stability), 27 are to be considered as fossil objects. The following parameters were measured and are included in the described data set-- location (longitude and latitude), elevation of the front [m asl], length [m], width [m], aspect, activity (active, inactive or fossil), source temperatures [C], and vegetation cover (covered, sporadic or none). These data are presented on the CAPS Version 1.0 CD-ROM, June 1998. Additional measurements (not included in the data set on the CD)-- Rock glacier type; Lithology; Analysis of the vegetations' composition (species, coverage in %); Special remarks.

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