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Seasonal frost penetration, Sleepers River Research Watershed, Vermont, USA, Version 1

The frost tube network is located within a 3.25-square-mile sub-watershed of the Sleepers River Research Watershed near Danville, Vermont, USA. Tubes were positioned in forested and non-forested cover types. The forest cover includes beech, birch, maple hardwoods with a 7% slope and 240 degree aspect, mixed conifer (spruce and balsam) and hardwoods with a 3% slope and 240 degree aspect, and coniferous forest with a 3% slope and 240 degree aspect. The open areas include two large non-cultivated agricultural fields (with approximate 5% slopes and aspects of 240 and 15 degrees) and a small heavily instrumented opening. Site data were generally recorded weekly. Snow depth was measured with a metal meter ruler while frost readings were measured from a plastic tube filled with methylene blue dye suspended in a PVC outer tube. Data cover winter seasons 1983-84 to 1992-93 only. These data are presented on the CAPS Version 1.0 CD-ROM, June 1998.

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