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ClimoBase: Rouse Canadian Surface Observations of Weather, Climate, and Hydrological Variables, 1984-1998, Version 1

ClimoBase is a collection of surface climate measurements collected in Northern Canada by Dr. Wayne Rouse between 1984 and 1998 in three locations: Churchill, Manitoba; Marantz Lake, Manitoba; and Inuvik, Northwest Territories. These data are comprised of surface-climate measurements, including solar time, wind speed, wind direction, dry-bulb, wet-bulb, and vapor pressure in 24 sites focused at the three Northern Canadian locations. The sites were chosen to include a variety of terrains in the study: sedge fen wetland, willow-birch wetland, lichen-heath, bedrock boulders/heath, spruce- tamarack forest, tundra lake, creek, various (e.g. a basin: sedge, willow, lichen-heath, forest, etc.), sparse vegetation (short grass/sedge, heath spp.), and coastal marsh (tall grass, sandy soils). The measurements were taken in increments ranging from seasonally to every 15 minutes. In all, 177 different variables were measured and recorded. The data are valuable due to their unique and consistent nature.

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