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Polar Ice Sounding and Geomagnetics, Version 1

Data addresses ice thickness and related geomagnetics generated during remote sensing flights over Antarctica and Greenland. Analog records are oscilloscope traces and snapshots of Z-mode radar echo sounding data. Originally recorded on paper strip charts, these 16 mm microfilmed records include timing marks from the Airborne Research Data System (ARDS) clock and ice sounding identification numbers (CBD) for correlation with the digital ARDS data. Technical University of Denmark echo sounding flights in 1971/72, 1974, 1978 and 1979 produced data for Greenland that are also archived at NSIDC. Data are published tables of latitude/longitude, and surface and bedrock elevation for each data point, and microfiche copies of the strip charts with frame numbers for correlation with the published tables. Digital version of these Danish data have not been provided to NSIDC for archiving, however, the digital data were used to produce Antarctica: Glaciological and Geophysical Folio, (Drewry 1983). We do not have a reliable reader for the microfilm. We are storing the microfilm securely until funding becomes available to have it assessed and/or digitized. Those interested in these analog records should contact the NOAA@NSIDC program manager.

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