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Sea Ice in the Belcher Islands, Nunavut, Canada, Version 1

This data set contains interviews of three hunters from Sanikiliaq, Belcher Islands, in the territory of Nunavut, Canada. The hunters describe their observations of sea ice conditions around the Belcher Islands gathered from their many hunting expeditions. The local and traditional knowledge (LTK) gathered from these interviews reveals that the ice is changing and becoming more dangerous and less predictable than it once was. In addition to the three video interviews, the hunters drew important ice features and changes on maps which are included as part of the data set. Photographs of ice conditions at specific places on the maps are available. Two of the three interviews are in English; the third is in Inuktitut and English. Data are available via the Product Web Site as edited video files, maps, and photographs. Full video interviews, maps, and photographs are on ftp as a compressed file via the Access Data link.

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