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Borehole Optical Stratigraphy Modeling, Antarctica, Version 1

This data set consists of scripts and code designed for modeling the properties of boreholes in polar ice sheets, under a range of variations in the borehole geometry, firn layering, and camera pointing and position. The data set contains two folders. One includes two perl scripts and a piece of C code, along with directions for setting up and running a Monte Carlo model of photons traveling to and from a borehole in the firn. The second includes scripts for generating ray-tracing input files to be used with the POV-Ray package (a standard, free raytracing package) to generate simulated borehole video frames based on the results of the Monte Carlo model. The project was conducted between February 2005 and April 2010. The codes to run the models are available via FTP, in Perlscript (.pl) and C code.

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