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Cosmogenic Radionuclides in the Siple Dome A Ice Core, Version 1

This data set includes a record of cosmogenic radionuclide concentrations in the Siple Dome A ice core collected as part of the West Antarctic ice core program. The investigators measured profiles of both <sup>10</sup>Be (half-life = 1.5x10<sup>6</sup> years) and <sup>36</sup>Cl (half-life = 3.0x10<sup>5</sup> years) in the entire ice core, which spans the time period from the present to about 100,000 years before present. These data are being used for perfecting the ice core chronology, deducing the history of solar activity, deducing the history of variations in the geomagnetic field, and studying the possible role of solar variations on climate. Data are distributed as a PDF file and are available via FTP.

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