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Aqua AIRS-MODIS Matchup Indexes V1.0 (AIRS_MDS_IND) at GES_DISC

This is Aqua AIRS-MODIS collocation indexes, in netCDF-4 format. These data map AIRS profile indexes to those of MODIS. The basic task is to bring together retrievals of water vapor and cloud properties from multiple "A-train" instruments (AIRS, AMSR-E, MODIS, AMSU, MLS, & CloudSat), classify each "scene" (instrument look) using the cloud information, and develop a merged, multi-sensor climatology of atmospheric water vapor as a function of altitude, stratified by the cloud classes. This is a large science analysis project that will require the use of SciFlo technologies to discover and organize all of the datasets, move and cache datasets as required, find space/time "matchups" between pairs of instruments, and process years of satellite data to produce the climate data records. The short name for this collections is AIRS_MDS_IND

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