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GPM GMI Brightness Temperatures L1B 1.5 hours 13 km V05 (GPM_1BGMI) at GES DISC

Version 5 is the current version of the data set. Version 4 is no longer available and has been superseded by Version 5. The 1BGMI algorithm uses a non-linear three-point in-flight calibration to derive antenna temperature (Ta) and convert Ta to Tb using GMI antenna pattern corrections. The four-point calibration, which utilizes noise diode measurements, is used to monitor the sensor non-linearty. The noise diode measurements also provide a hot load back-up calibration in case hot load measurements are lost. Details are in the GMI ATBD. The 1BGMI algorithm and software transform Level 0 counts into geolocated and calibrated brightness temperatures (Tb) for 13 GMI channels.

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