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MODIS/Terra Vegetation Continuous Fields Yearly L3 Global 250m SIN Grid V006

The MOD44B Version 6 Vegetation Continuous Fields (VCF) yearly product is a global representation of surface vegetation cover as gradations of three ground cover components: percent tree cover, percent non-tree cover, and percent non-vegetated (bare). VCF products provide a continuous, quantitative portrayal of land surface cover at 250 meter (m) pixel resolution, with a sub-pixel depiction of percent cover in reference to the three ground cover components. The sub-pixel mixture of ground cover estimates represents a revolutionary approach to the characterization of vegetative land cover that can be used to enhance inputs to environmental modeling and monitoring applications. The MOD44B data product layers include percent tree cover, percent non-tree cover, percent non-vegetated, cloud cover, and quality indicators. The start date of the annual period for this product begins with day of year (DOY) 65 (March 5). Improvements/Changes from Previous Versions The MOD44B Version 6 VCF was produced with the same code and training as the Version 5 products, but improvements to the upstream inputs result in more accurate VCF products.

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